Rob McIntosh

About the Author

Rob McIntosh is the principal advisor for Intelligent Talent Solutions, a boutique consulting advisory firm specializing in delivering optimized talent acquisition organizational models, recruitment process improvements, and talent leadership advisory support.

As the SVP of global talent acquisition for large Fortune 100 companies at McKesson, Avanade, Deloitte, and Microsoft. A global talent acquisition executive: 20+ years’ leading talent functions in over 30 countries, he has consistently delivered results through building high-performing teams and operational excellence. He has led large globally distributed teams while meeting aggressive hiring demand plans (Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and India).

Experience creating and deploying shared services, CoE, offshore, near-shore, in-sourcing, outsourcing (RPO), hybrid talent acquisition structures and organizations.

He is seen as one of the industry’s leading experts on how to create and leverage data to help effectively tell the recruiting story and enable business executive buy-in and support; creation of advanced talent acquisition scorecards, KPIs, and analytics that produce transparency and accountability to help evangelize and educate senior business leaders around the ROI of go-to-market talent acquisition strategies.

Architected, designed, and implemented global sourcing functions that focus on capturing global passive talent pools that drive pipeline ahead of the business demand while delivering against JIT recruiting demand.

Detailed experience and deployment of global: ATS, CTS; SEO, SEM; CRM, TRM; raising of employee brand (EVP); enhanced candidate experience programs; diversity and inclusion initiatives; permission-based marketing; integrated social media platforms and talent communities; OFCCP and global employment law/global data privacy; advanced sourcing/research technologies; competency, cultural and technical screening assessment; global career site development; VMS solutions; global background investigation solutions; WFP and financial recruiting tracking frameworks.

You can learn more about him and Intelligent Talent Solutions at


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