Randy Jesberg

About the Author

Randy Jesberg is senior vice president and general manager, Workforce Compliance and Diversity Solutions, for Peopleclick Authoria. He brings to Peopleclick Authoria more than 25 years of extensive expertise in business development, international expansion, and channel partnerships. As head of Workforce Compliance and Diversity Solutions, he is responsible for sales, implementation, support, and development of diversity planning and compliance solutions that minimize risk and exposure for Peopleclick Authoria’s clients. He brings to market software and services that protect clients from class action litigation and discriminatory practices. He earned his bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech and is an American Society for Quality Assurance-certified software quality engineer.

Big Government Sets Diversity Benchmark for Big Business

As President Obama weighs a sweeping new Executive Order that would establish a coordinated “government-wide effort to promote diversity and inclusion” throughout the federal workforce, the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 has already formalized diversity efforts within the financial regulatory sector. Such developments have led a growing number…