Randall Birkwood

About the Author

Randall Birkwood is a former director of recruiting at T-Mobile USA, Cisco Systems, and Microsoft Corporation, and HR at Intermec Technologies. While at T-Mobile his organization was listed in an ERE article as a top 10 benchmark firm in recruiting and talent management. He has been an advisory speaker at General Electric and AT&T for VPs and directors of HR, and spoken at a number of conferences in the U.S. and UK. He was the subject of a cover story on the "War For Talent" in Internet World Magazine.

Talent Suitability

I recently came to the realization that we emphasize all the wrong habits in staffing. We are rewarded and compensated for finding hotshots in the shortest time possible. If we do, we are lauded as superstars. If we don’t, we…

Peeling Back The Onion

What does “peeling back the onion” mean to you? For you who have not heard the expression, it refers to learning more about something or someone by peeling back the layers. It’s unfortunate that we don’t do a very good…