Nick Tasler

About the Author

Nick Tasler is an organizational psychologist and award-winning author of The Impulse Factor: An innovative approach to better decision-making (Simon & Schuster, 2008). Through his work with Fortune 500 organizations, non-profits and academic institutions, he is teaching new ways to consistently make choices that strengthen our businesses and enrich our lives. The founder and CEO of Decision Pulse, Tasler has written for a wide range of publications including BusinessWeek and Psychology Today. For more information about Nick Tasler and Decision Pulse, visit

Are You Hiring Deciders, or Drifters?

Recent research confirms that top performers ranging from managers of major league baseball teams to customer service reps on the store floor have one thing in common: they are Deciders. And there are plenty of them out there just waiting to be recruited. In the last decade, renowned industrial psychologist Timothy Judge at…