Natalya Kazim

About the Author

Natalya Kazim is a Sourcing Consultant with 15+ years of experience in the Recruitment world. She has had the opportunity to work in several Fortune 500 companies to help lead the initiative to develop their sourcing function.  Natalya is passionate about learning new, innovative, and efficient ways deliver the best quality results.  She has served as both a Mentor and Trainer sharing her wealth of information to help others succeed. She has a strong background in advanced sourcing, competitive intel research, organizational charting, market analysis, candidate information retrieval, and passive candidate engagement . Natalya resides in the Washington, DC Metro Area.


Digging into Semantics

Sourcers are only but as good as the information they find. So how can semantic searching help retrieve the best information? Very different than Boolean, which utilizes specific keywords, semantic takes contextual data and analyzes it. Artificial Intelligence has taken search to the next level of analysis and examines and interprets the meaning…

Oh Look a Purple Squirrel! Break Outside of the Box and Beyond Traditional Sourcing Review

“Your vibe attracts your tribe!” – Kathryn Minshew An amazing keynote presentation delivered by Kathryn Minshew at SourceCon, founder of The Muse “Oh Look a Purple Squirrel!  Break Outside of the Box and Beyond Traditional Sourcing.” I have the pleasure of sharing today with you Minshew’s insights and key takeaways from her presentation….