Mykkah Herner

About the Author

Mykkah Herner is the modern compensation evangelist at PayScale. He has over a decade of experience developing strategic compensation programs for more than 400 companies to ensure they attract and retain the right talent. Mykkah specializes in linking performance with compensation in order to drive better business results.

Training Managers to Talk about Pay is a Blind Spot

One of the most frustrating statements for employees to hear from their managers is this: “HR wouldn’t let me do it and I don’t really know why.” And unfortunately, when it comes to pay, many managers either aren’t accountable or don’t understand how pay was determined. Managers are generally faced with playing a…

How Much Pay Transparency Is Right For You?

These days, pay transparency is a hot topic among HR and compensation professionals. There’s also been some interesting developments from Buffer’s employer driven approach of sharing everyone’s pay with all employees to a Google employee taking it into her own hands. Yet, it’s still somewhat controversial to discuss pay strategy openly with employees…

How President Trump Is Likely to Impact HR

As we prepare for Donald Trump to enter office on January 20, what changes might his administration bring? Will he honor the former administration’s bold moves around EEO reporting, contractor rules, minimum wage, FLSA, and equal pay laws? Or will it be a brand new day in comp? It’s safe to say in…

How to Link Pay to Performance When You’ve Eliminated Reviews

Performance management is definitely undergoing a midlife crisis; it’s time for it to reinvent itself. For the past few HR and compensation conferences I’ve attended, the question has been heavy in the air: what are you doing about your performance process? Most agree that the processes are slow and cumbersome, out of date, ineffective, broken….