Mike Ryan

About the Author

A leading industry authority on employee recognition, Mike Ryan is senior vice president of marketing and strategy for Madison Performance Group, a workforce recognition and employee incentives solution provider. He is president of The Performance Improvement Council (PIC), a board member of The Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) and a trustee of the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF). Contact him at mryan@madisonpg.com.

Why Recognition Matters: Delivering More Than Retention & Engagement

HR pros know the standard rationale for employee recognition programs – increased engagement, productivity, retention and incremental revenue. But as this has become the recognition mantra over the past decade, isn’t it time we call on recognition programs to do more? Executives know (and buy into) all the aforementioned benefits, but given today’s…

3 Ways to Help Your Organization Accept (and Cope) With Change

Communication missteps and a failure to motivate employees to adapt is causing most corporate change initiatives to fall short and, in addition to hurting the bottom line, is ultimately harming employee engagement. With the rapid pace of change required to succeed in today’s uber-competitive global business environment, the organizations that thrive are the…