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Mike Ramer, CPC, CSP, is an international trainer for the search and recruitment industry. He is founder and president of Ramer Search Consultants in the New York metro area. Mike designed The Art of Search© training programs, which he presents at industry events, conferences, and recruiting firms worldwide. Mike's training has been hailed as "unlike any other," "national best of the best," and "Mike's passion, knowledge, and creativeness separate him from the rest." Each of his programs is customized for today's market to maximize your income. His training is interactive, motivational, and packed with innovative techniques you won't hear anywhere else. Mike is also an Executive Career Coach and Expert Witness for employment matters. He has been quoted and interviewed by national media, including The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, Forbes.com, Reuters.com, and NPR. For more about Mike's training, please visit his firm's website at www.RamerGroup.com or email training@ramergroup.com.

Time To Celebrate and Plan

This is my favorite time of year. The holiday season with snowbells jingling, family gatherings, and festive parties. And, the New Year with its promise of a fresh start and new things to come. It’s a time to be thankful and to celebrate: Celebrating: Business is on the upswing. We’re leaner. We’re smarter….

Let the Good Times Roll

I’ve been waiting four years to write this article’s title. Since I like to integrate music in my training, I thought I’d try it in my writing. (For the past couple of years, I’ve been playing “We Are the Champions” for the industry survivors.) Songs can grab attention, create a sensory reaction, and…

The Magic Bullet

I’m preparing for upcoming training events and need your help. What can I share with you to help increase your income? Think about all the steps in the placement process. I’m listening. {Pause} Try mental telepathy. >>> Got it! The most common question I’m asked is this: What one technique above all others…

Brave New World: Making Placements – Past, Present, Future

Our industry’s top consultants, managers, and trainers are great leaders. They are passionate about the business. They are innovators and risk-takers. They are skilled communicators who inspire others to greater heights. Great leaders are optimistic visionaries. They have the capacity to interpret trends and foresee the future. This “first mover advantage” creates wealth….

Save Time, Bill More by Reducing Risk

Search consultants by nature are risk takers. Whether we are owners, managers, recruiters or researchers, every time we pick up the phone, we take risks. We all know too well that the placement process can break down at any time for any reason. This costs us time, money and heartache. Webster’s Dictionary defines…

“How To Keep Your Clients Coming Back”

A wise, long tenured veteran in the search business once said to me, “Our business can be very complex, yet at its heart it’s very simple.Always KISS [Keep It Simple Stupid]: It’s all about servicing clients.” How very true. With all of our technology, successful search consultants know it’s still the people skills…

Being a Great Storyteller: An Inside Look at Real Deals

The best industry trainers, managers, and search consultants are great storytellers. They have an uncommon ability to convey their own experiences in a vivid, engaging style. In the process, they captivate imaginations and transfer their wisdom. Their stories are timeless and their messages are memorable. In January this year I heard a non-industry…