Mel Kleiman

Mel Kleiman
Mel Kleiman, CSP, is an internationally-known authority on recruiting, selecting, and hiring hourly employees. He has been the president of Humetrics since 1976 and has over 30 years of practical experience, research, consulting and professional speaking work to his credit. Contact him at

Dr. Seuss, Retention and the Mission

Short takes on onboarding, retention and mission statements from the Humetrics blog: The 6 question retention survey Here are six questions you can ask your best people to help keep them engaged and on board: Where do you want to be in your…

Hiring Wisdom: It Pays to Hire Ex-Cons

Yet another sign of the robust demand for workers is that more US employers are hiring applicants with criminal records. At 4.3%, the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in 16 years, triggering major labor shortages in some industries, such…