Megan Stanish

About the Author

Megan Stanish, Vice President of Client Strategy for both Group1201 and AppVault, takes the success of her clients personally. A dedicated lifelong learner, Megan's career and experience span internal operations and business strategy, direct recruitment support, as well as the strategic development and implementation of full-scale recruitment process, employee engagement, recruitment technology and employment marketing solutions for a wide range of companies spanning many industries. Megan had the good fortune of becoming acquainted with Shawnee Irmen during Megan’s tenure at S2E Solutions, the recruitment advertising company that supports Golden Living. Megan earned her undergraduate degree in English from Georgetown University as well as an MBA from Emory University.

There Are People in Your Shiny Objects

We’re heading into another new year, a year full of promise and opportunity and predictions from the experts about which techniques and technologies will remain or become vital weapons in the recruitment arsenal. Blogs Mobile Accessibility QR Codes SMS Texts Applicant Tracking System Upgrades Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Local Market…

Helicopter Employers

Another recent article popped up in my email asking how well we, the employers, are measuring up to the expectations of the millennial generation. You know what my answer is to that? Enough already! Please give me a moment to breathe, and then the rant will continue. Ready? Yes? So am I.

5 Recruiting Lessons From Les Miz

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the traveling production of Les Misérables. It was the fourth time I had seen the musical, so the most surprising thing might have been that in the 20 years and several revisits since my first Les Mis experience, the play still turns me into a sobbing mess….

Gambling for Hires

Recruitment, at times, can seem a lot like a poker game. The client is the dealer, and every candidate is a player. At prescribed stages in the game, all cards are hidden, and bit by bit, each individual reveals his or her hand. Each show of cards is a risk. Sometimes the dealer…