Liz Ryan

About the Author

Liz Ryan is a former Fortune 500 Human Resources SVP and is the world's most widely read career advisor. She is CEO & Founder of Human Workplace, a think tank and publishing firm whose mission is to reinvent work for people. Liz Ryan is also author of the recently released book, "Reinvention Roadmap" -- a new millennium guide to successfully navigating the often complex and confusing world of job search today by breaking the rules to get ahead.

Here’s What to do When You Can’t Ask About Salary

New employment laws in Massachusetts, New York City, Philadelphia and elsewhere will soon prohibit employers from asking job candidates for their past or current salary details. That’s a big shift, and a rude awakening for recruiters who learned that you…

Put Time to Work

They say that cabdrivers and barbers give the best advice, and I got some excellent advice from a cabdriver one day. He said, “What’s your biggest problem?” and I said, “I don’t like my job, but I need to stay…