Leah Hollis

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For more detailed information on workplace bullying or for a calendar of upcoming webinars on the topic, visit diversitytrainingconsultants.com. Dr. Leah P. Hollis is the host of the webinars and she is president and founder of Patricia Berkly LLC, a diversity training and consulting group which assists organizations is staying compliant with EEOC guidelines. Check out Dr. Hollis’ recent book Unequal Opportunity: Fired without cause, Filing with the EEOC on amazon.com.

Avoiding Bullies in the Executive Talent Acquisition Process

There’ve been comments about how the role of the HR professional is to protect the organization, not the individual. Whether the complaint is regarding budgets, restructuring, or harassment, HR staff members are typically charged with being the facilitator who shields the organization through tumultuous times. Aligning with the mission of serve and protect…