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As a Talent Optimization Coach & Consultant with TalentTalks, Kelly Blokdijk thrives on “Creating a Voice for Talent” by partnering with business professionals and job seekers to build competitive career marketing strategies and customized communication materials, to create a lasting positive impression. TalentTalks consults with the business community on innovative, leading-edge human resource and organization development initiatives to enhance talent management, talent acquisition, corporate communications and employee engagement programs. TalentTalks routinely posts employment market and job search related content on Facebook and Twitter -- fans and followers welcome!

Why Do We Settle for Low Information Human Resources?

In the political world, low information voters (LIVs) are often blamed for making voting decisions based on an insufficient grasp of the issues and/or candidates. Outcomes of LIVs’ lack of awareness may result in skewed apathy or staunch support for various positions or politicians without any rational personal convictions one way or the…

Talent Diversity Isn’t Just About Demographic Data

On the way home from the diversity career fair, while writing job ads for the diversity publications, hiring the diversity consultants — while taking those positive steps forward you may, meanwhile, be doing things that cause you to take two steps back. Some examples: The Cliquishness

Tell ‘Em to Apply Online

In response to that topic as an answer, a Jeopardy contestant’s correct question to host Alex Trebek would be: “What is the worst way to acknowledge an employee referral?” Anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of the phrase “tell ‘em to apply online” probably yelled: Wrong Answer!