Karlyn Borysenko

Karlyn Borysenko

Karlyn Borysenko is the Owner and Principal of Zen Workplace , a consultancy dedicated to fixing the “people problems” to help individuals achieve professional happiness and success, and organizations to drive productivity and results. She’s an MBA, is a dissertation away from completing her PhD in Organizational Psychology, and is a certified DiSC trainer. You can connect with Karlyn on Twitter at @KarlynMB.

How to Get Buy-In For Your Ideas

Notice how some great ideas never made it past the initial concept, while other mediocre ideas seem to sail through with leadership on board? Sometimes, how you sell your ideas to decision makers to get buy-in is just as important…

Be Selfish to Get Ahead

From the time we’re old enough to understand what our parents are saying to us, we’re told that being selfish is a bad thing – that you should share your toys, consider what others want, let other kids play too,…