Jorg Stegemann

About the Author

Jorg Stegemann has been working in professional recruitment since 2001, has coached thousands of professionals from entry to C-level and found a new job for hundreds of candidates. In the past, he has held various managerial and corporate functions with three major players in this industry, since 2007 with a pan-European scope. Jorg blogs on /My Job Thoughts | Career advice from a headhunter.

Talent Mobility, Fee Discounting Putting Pressure On European Search

The world is changing faster than it used to. Most industries are undergoing dramatic change at the moment. As service providers of virtually all businesses that exist, we feel the impact more than others. Recruitment in all its facets is a good indicator of how an economy is doing. In boom times we…

The Five Things That Make A Successful Headhunter

In more 10 years in the staffing industry in various operational, managerial, and corporate roles and in different countries, I have interviewed, coached, and trained hundreds of recruitment consultants from all over the world. Though local differences must be taken into consideration, the characteristics that make you a top performer in Salt Lake…