Jeremy Da Costa

About the Author

Jeremy is a Social Talent Ninja Certified Sourcing Professional who has not only received his certification but has been mentored by some of the best in the staffing industry.

Jeremy got his first hint at recruiting when he was recruited for both college and pro baseball. He then got a chance to actually do sourcing himself  as part of  the “Search Authority”. He did this while attending college and getting his Associates degree.

Jeremy now is attending Highline college with intents to go on to CWU and get his Bachelors in HR. While doing this he continues to source, research and learn as part of his duties as a Sourcing Recruiter/Researcher for DBI. He recently attended his first Sourcing 7 meeting, and has been tagged to present in the future. He intends on attending his first Sourcecon this fall, with an eye on continuing his maturation as a Sourcer and to eventually be able to make his mark in the staffing world.

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Reaching Third Base Part 1: My journey rounding the bases toward being a Sourcer – The Events

In my journey towards being a sourcer, I was told by my many sourcing mentors that attending events like conferences and networking functions was a must. With a strong passion for learning more about sourcing, and an eager to network with many brilliant sourcers in the Seattle area, I was excited to attend my…