Jacob Morgan

About the Author

Jacob Morgan is a three time best-selling author, keynote speaker, and futurist. His latest book is The EmployeeExperience Advantage: How to Win the War for Talent by Giving Employees the Workspaces they Want,the Tools they Need, and a Culture They Can Celebrate  and is based on an analysis of over 250 global organizations. Jacob’s work has endorsed by the CEOs of: Cisco, Whirlpool, T-Mobile, Best Buy, SAP, Nestle, KPMG, Schneider Electric, and many others. Learn more and get access to resources by visiting: TheFutureOrganization.com

“Small Data” Can Have a Big Impact When You Get Started in Analytics

David Green joined IBM about a year ago to help IBM customers grow their people analytics and technology. He has been involved with HR since the late 90’s and also writes and speaks about data driven HR. Historically, HR decisions used ‘gut and intuition’ to drive decisions. Now the use of data in…