Greg Fall

About the Author

Through his practice at, Greg Fall helps organizations and individuals make better choices, learn about their career gifts, and practice unconditional positive regard. He leverages 15 years of expertise as an HR consultant, career coach, and facilitator, as well as past turn-around and executive/retained search experience. His style of energy and kindness is combined with an orientation toward details and results. He offers resume and career transition services, assessments, and leadership development to both organizations and individuals. He is currently developing Workplace Intelligence and Generational Cross Pollination models/concepts and has an individual career transition book is due out later in 2012.

Interviewing for Critical-thinking Ability

One of my clients, an accomplished CFO involved with global M&A responsibilities, wanted to make sure that his new finance hires could really use all the brainpower they had been blessed with, so he incorporated a critical thinking test as part of the interview process. He was pleased with the results, seeing an…