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Gerry Crispin, is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and thought leader. He seeks to understand how firms design and build staffing processes, the technology to enhance them and the systems to manage them. He is also committed to writing, researching, and sharing his adventures, opinions and observations about evolving staffing models with the HR profession, clients and friends. He and his partner, Mark Mehler, created CareerXroads® and the CareerXroads Colloquium with one goal in mind: critically analyzing corporate recruiting issues from a tactical yet strategic perspective. Learn more at CareerXroads

When We Connect the ‘Global Integration’ Dots, Recruiters Risk Being Defined Here by Their Practices There

The hiring process has no minimum acceptable (or unacceptable) standard of practice. Anything goes and many recruiters prefer it that way. Perhaps intuitively we know that people who think of themselves as recruiters (or enjoy being seen as successful recruiters by others), are highly individualistic and, if occasionally a line is crossed, it’s…

Which Are More Valuable: Internally or Externally Sourced Candidates?

The science of recruiting is years behind our peers in other disciplines, but when I see research like this journal article, “Paying More to Get Less: The Effects of External Hiring versus Internal Mobility,” I know we’re beginning to catch up. This study was published in the Administrative Science Quarterly in September 2011 and recently…

Tilting at Windmills: Sometimes, You Just Have to Do It to Be Heard

Some subjects I care about but am reluctant to discuss because it’s just… awkward. Lots of people naturally feel uncomfortable when folks get emotional about topics they don’t relate to in the same way or, like politics and religion some subjects just aren’t brought up in polite company. On the other hand I’m…