Ellyn Enisman

About the Author

Ellyn Enisman has more than 27 years of experience in interview coaching, career counseling, corporate recruiting, employer relationship development, human capital management, human resource consulting, job placement, job search strategy coaching, interview skill workshops, and more. She has held senior executive management positions in the staffing, corporate recruiting, and manufacturing industries. She has recruited, interviewed, hired, and has been instrumental in helping new college grads and college students succeed in their job search. Enisman has coached students from leading colleges and universities and is the founder of http://www.collegetocareercoaching.com, a professional coaching firm with a unique and successful approach to empowering college students and recent college grads to prepare for the job market.

60 Interview Questions

(Editor’s note: With so many new ERE members coming on all the time, we thought that each week we’d republish one popular classic post. Here’s one, below.) You’ll find in the interview questions below some you are asking already, some…