David Creelman

About the Author

David Creelman, CEO of Creelman Research, is a globally recognized thinker on people analytics and talent management. Some of his more interesting projects included:

  • Conducted workshops around the world on the practical aspects of people analytics
  • Took business leaders from Japan’s Recruit Co. on a tour of US tech companies (Recruit eventually bought Indeed.com for $1 billion)
  • Studied the relationship between Boards and HR (won Walker Award)
  • Spoke at the World Bank in Paris on HR reporting
  • Co-authored Lead the Work: Navigating a world beyond employment with John Boudreau and Ravin Jesuthasan. The book was endorsed by the CHROs of IBM, LinkedIn and Starbucks.
  • Worked with Dr. Wanda Wallace on “Leading when you are not the expert” which topped the “Most Popular List” on the Harvard Business Review’s blog.
  • Worked with Dr. Henry Mintzberg on peer coaching, David’s learning modules are among the most popular topics.

Currently David is helping organizations to get on-track with people analytics.

This work led to him being made a Fellow for the Centre of Evidence-based Management (Netherlands) for his contributions to the field.


Company Uses Facial Recognition to Assess Learning

Hong Kong-based Pathship had an interesting idea about learning that led to an even more interesting idea about analytics. The learning idea was that, with today’s technology, one can efficiently match up knowledge seekers to knowledge providers (e.g. novices to experts) for one-on-one conversations. Because we now live in a world where embedded…

Tight Training Budget? Get Your Employees to Create the Content

Training material generated from a learning needs analysis, followed by instructional design, and then delivered by an expert trainer will be of high quality — but it’s an expensive model. An alternative is to rely mainly on content generated by employees. Employee generated content has become important because it is now almost trivially…

The “Smarts” In the Systems You Have Can Make You Really Smart

We are rapidly moving from a world where HR analytics was a dream to one where it’s a well-understood tool. One illustration of this is the evolution of analytics software from general purpose tools to systems that have HR smarts already built-in. This matters a lot to companies that are not making fast…

Technology is Turning Reference Checks Into Assessments

One of the biggest challenges of recruiting is quality of information. We all know that resumes tell us relatively little and doing structured interviews is expensive. As I discussed in “Using References as a Screening Tool,” technology has given the old sport of reference checking a new life. Ray Bixler, CEO of SkillSurvey,…

We Are All Tech Newbies, So Train For It

In Kevin Kelly’s book The Inevitable, he observes that we’ve hit an era where we are forever technology ‘newbies’ (i.e. an inexperienced user). You’d like to master your smartphone or PC, but apps and operating systems update so frequently that you never know when a feature will be added, removed, or changed. You…

Turn to Your Employees For Your Talent Marketing Program

Big ideas like “crowdsourcing,” “analytics,” and “transparency” start out as exciting, but nebulous concepts. Wait a few years and they go from being exciting to being just the obvious way to get work done. Here’s one case that I think captures how the world has changed. NextWave Hire is an employment marketing technology…

Using References As a Screening Tool

The big challenge in recruiting is getting high quality information so that one can accurately match a candidate to a job. One potentially underutilized source of good information is references. Most companies use reference checking towards the end of the recruiting process and often it’s mainly to ensure there isn’t some derailer they’ve…

Why Your Metrics Get Ignored By Managers

One of the interesting lessons from evidence-based medicine is how intensely many doctors hated making decisions based on the best available clinical evidence. The tides are shifting, but in the early days of evidence-based medicine, doctors were literally shaking with rage at the suggestion that they needed to change how they practiced. The…

Don’t Start Crunching Numbers Until You Know What Numbers to Crunch

I was helping a manager with the company’s analytics; the problem was framed as “falling engagement in front-line staff.” Now that is a good start because at this organization the link between the measure of employee engagement and customer satisfaction is well established, making this a business problem, not just an HR one….

Target Your Prospects With Programmatic Ad Buys

Deciding where to place a job ad is an important decision; it’s based on how best to get your ad in front of good candidates. For example, if you were looking for a medical technician in Arizona, you’d traditionally place the posting on job boards used by Arizona-based medical technicians. All advertising used…

A Simple Way For HR to Plan for the Retirement Tsunami

A popular topic is the possible tsunami of retirements which could leave our organizations desperately short of talent. It’s a delicious topic because either you’ll be one of the retired sitting on the beach saying “Not my problem,” or else you’ll be rapidly promoted as the organization attempts to fill the vacancies. But…