Danielle Monaghan

About the Author

Danielle Monaghan is a staffing director with Microsoft Corporation, where she and her team are responsible for identifying and hiring top technical, sales, and marketing talent into the Information Worker and Business Solutions Divisions. She was formerly the senior talent acquisition manager for national sales and the executive talent acquisition team at T-Mobile USA. Prior to joining T-Mobile, Danielle spent seven years in various talent acquisition roles at Microsoft. Danielle has extensive experience and expertise in sourcing, recruitment metrics, account management, workforce planning, employment branding, assessment strategies and organizational development.

Why Should I Work for Your Company?

Well, why should I? That seems like a fair question considering the fact that great candidates can have multiple opportunities just within one organization and several offers from competing organizations. Today’s candidates are very often willing to forego a top title for a great career path, flexible work schedule, performance-based rewards, and/or meaningful…