Amybeth Quinn

Amybeth Quinn

Amybeth Quinn began her career in sourcing working within the agency world as an Internet Researcher. Over the years, she has worked in both agency and corporate sourcing and recruiting roles, and also served previously as the editor of The Fordyce Letter, and, with ERE Media. She's returned to her first love, sourcing, and now works for Hewlett Packard Enterprise as the Americas Strategic Sourcing Manager for HPE Engineering and R&D. You can connect with her on Twitter at @researchgoddess.

SourceCon Crowdsourced: Best Tips of Day 1

This afternoon’s sessions consisted of golden nuggets of search tips and techniques. From the brain of Shally Steckerl, one of the most well-known sourcing professionals in our business, to the sourcing lab leaders, to the contributions of the greater sourcing…

Is Sourcing the New Recruiting?

Over time, our roles evolve and change to fit with the present needs of the companies for which we work. The saying goes, “If you’re not green and growing, then you’re red and rotting.” Keeping up with the constant changes…