• Adam Lacey

    “What if your manager retires, transfers or gets a new gig outside of the
    company? So much for all of those years of loyalty. Do you think your
    manager is going to present a succession plan for you on their way out
    the door?”

    my two pennies….

    If recognition of a persons loyalty (often a perception based on hours the employee puts in, standing in for other people at short notice etc) is sitting solely with an employees manager then it’s likely their workplace has a very hierarchical structure and recognition framework.

    In my opinion it’s engagement, not loyalty that brings some of the benefits you reference from new talent.

    Broadening the view of an employees contribution to a business, whether that’s described as loyalty or engagement can be achieved in a social business that surfaces the employees expertise, measures contribution of content, ideas or customer service through team or community dashboards and metrics.

    Many employees are looking ‘to be a part of something’ and be recognised for their contribution over and above £’s at the end of the month.

    • http://www.UnconventionalHR.com/ Kimberly Patterson

      In a perfect world Adam! I don’t disagree with your comment, just believe that while companies *should* be investing in broadening the view of their employees’ contributions as you described, they don’t nor do many companies and their leaders have the time and resources.

      Thanks very much for commenting and sharing your view.

  • Stephen

    Good lord…this sounds like an info commercial for Oxyclean! The assumptions, folk sense, empowerment hype – this is all ethereal rationalizing.