• Crystal Kadakia

    You’ve hit the nail on the head – when it comes to future of the workplace, communication rules are going to be the predominant change that drives productivity (or lack thereof) in the workplace. However, in your section, the New Art of Communication, a watchout is to confuse communication style with communication method. Texting is not a preferred communication style – it is a preferred method. Communication style refers the way one forms a message and the framework within they wish to communicate.

    I work with companies to help them figure out the new communication rules as a part of my Millennial Generation Consulting business – as a part of that I talk on this subject and communication method always comes up. I’d like to share some of those resources here:

    This is a talk at TEDx Sarasota I did regarding digital choices: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fgzoOilf6w

    Recently at the ASTD ICE conference, I was interviewed and we discussed how texting, chatting, etc simply add to our available choices of communication method and hence, % of use of each method will change as a result. I agree, a new balance has yet to be reached and currently screen time is at a much higher use. But I believe a balance will be reached with Generation Z when we figure out the right method for the objective.


    Thanks for your great post,
    Crystal Kadakia
    Gen Y Consulting, Millennial Consulting