• Monika


  • HumanNatureAtWork

    Excellent article Leigh!
    I’d like to underline the connection between why people leave and why the ones who stay are only giving a fraction of the effort, quality, and innovative potential they’re capable of…
    The same management and organizational practices that drive the most talented employees out the door also drive presenteeism–i.e. people leaving their heart and mind at home and bringing only their body to work.
    So whether your company competes on brain power, customer service quality, or just plain old productivity per employee, your leadership team BETTER care about why people leave..if you want to get the best out of the people who stay.

  • http://www.pmhut.com/ PM Hut

    Employee churn is a fact in every business – however, when the churn rate is above a certain threshold, then managers need to start worrying and start conducting exit interviews.

    Exit interviews are painful for both parties but are necessary when the churn rate becomes very high.

    I have worked with people who didn’t care at all when people left, and considered it as normal. Their company has been shrinking at an average 5% for the past 3 years when they’ve lost one of their best resources (and didn’t care).

  • Ash

    Exit interviews are pointless. There are many out there like me who just tell the company what they want to hear because:
    1. They didnt do anything for me to improve while I was there
    2. I, as the person leaving, dont want to burn any bridges if in case I need a reference in the future from someone still at that company.

    If the company didnt try to stop you when you were going to hand in your resignation letter, then they dont deserve your feedback on your way out as a way to improve. Companies need to be asking their employees for their performance feedback while they are still there, rather than asking them on their way out because many dont give truthful feedback. Only few are stupid enough to let loose on what they hated about that company, and therefore they burn the bridges.