• Jazzpiano

    Good article except for the most important point – the calculated and measurable cost of doing something about turnover or doing nothing about turnover.  The C-Suite folks need to know what the actual cost of turnover is and that is easy to measure. So, show them, tell them and make them pay attention to a drain on the bottom line that turnover costs. All turnover falls directly to the bottom line because it is usually never calculated or included as a cost of doing business just as all other costs are determined. 

  • http://twitter.com/TalentAnalytics Talent Analytics

    Good read. Getting past turnover should get to the ‘why’ – understanding why employees are in the turnover, turnunder or turnin categories and (most critically) how this is impacting business performance. How do these three groups compare? Are they all driven the same way or differently? How does this match with the organization’s overall culture? Drill into each of these areas to get to actionable next steps to stop (or encourage) future behavior.