• Tim Kuppler

    I believe the key point is the statistic about the 85-90% of job seekers responding they are passionate about the work they do. The only hope for them to live up to their potential is to be in an organization where they are passionate about the work the organization does. This goes back to there being a need to have a shared purpose that obviously goes beyond making a profit and is more likely connected to making a meaningful impact.

    There needs to be a “chain of impact” where employees feel they not only make a meaningful impact themselves but they clearly understand how their work is connected to the organization making a meaningful impact.

  • erika

    A great place to work is a huge factor for many talented professionals today. Cultivating that work environment that is both stimulating and energetic is a complicated task for many companies. Constantly growing and learning at work should be a natural occurrence in the workplace, but so many executives let this slip by the wayside. As a human resources professional, finding out what your employees love and loathe can be valuable information as you grow as a company and source new talent.

  • Kevin

    Is a great place to work and employer of choice the same?

  • Oliver Viel

    Thank you China!

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