• http://twitter.com/wendykeneipp Wendy Keneipp

    Increase employee engagement with some communication and purpose? Everyone should be doing it. We’re really simple creatures with basic needs, and I think often we try to make things more complicated than necessary.

    For the business owners it’s an easy formula: make sure you’ve got a business plan (you’re not winging it), you’ve got a clear purpose and vision you’re working toward, and you communicate it regularly and talk about how, as a team, you’re achieving the goals. All basic business practices that everyone should be doing. With this, you get the upside of improving your business and engaging your employees at the same time. Win – win!

  • Jerry Morrell

    I agree that every organization should try to improve their employee’s engagement because the workforce is definitely disengaged from my experiences.  A business purpose and communicating this purpose to the employees, can help get employees back on track.  I think this article is correct in saying that employees want meaningful work, a sense of progress, and recognition.  Good post.