• http://rallyyourgoals.com/ r/ally

    I think great companies understand that engagement is part of the cost of having employees – its a cost just like rent/electricity/water. I just doesnt “end” with a salary.

  • TINYpulse

    This is a great comment from r/ally. Investing in your human capital is ongoing. A great employee can have a deeper, more long-lasting effect than any other investment you can make in your business.

  • Jon Williams

    Recognition is important and I think management trends over the last 10 years have recognized that (pun intended).

    What we and other research (e.g. http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/7215.html) has shown is that poorly implemented recognition actually leads to demotivation. If the reward is meaningless, or not deserved, it turns employees off.

    It’s important to make sure recognition it tied to real challenge or achievement.

  • Erik vande weijer

    It is in the recognition that work gets seen as great