• Rory Trotter

    Great post as always, John,

    I would submit that the reason for lack of alarm over employee turnover is tied to the fact that – despite the large costs of rehiring – most employers understand that turnover is a fact of the modern workplace. Even once hiring picks up to something approaching pre-financial crisis levels, the truth of the matter is that employees (on average) aren’t going to stay with one company forever.

    Turnover, it seems, is the cost of doing business in today’s marketplace.

    Thanks for sharing, and keep writing.



  • http://twitter.com/RAFraudwha Rage Against Fraudy

    Employees leave because of clueless moron managers.

  • M.L.H. Javert

    Employers show no urgency to retain employees because of the simplistic fact that they only care about profits. Many employees leave for one of two reasons (sometimes both):
    1.) Stress
    2.) Lack of pay, or chance for advancement (as advancement usually equals more pay).
    They literally are only interested in people who will work for poverty or below market wages (depending on the job classification), so as they can increase their personal wealth. Whatever happened to Henry Ford’s idea that you should pay people enough money that they can afford to buy the products they make/sell? I work for a Menards in the Midwest, and I can tell you right now – I can’t afford anything in my department. John Menard believes I should be a wage slave barely scraping by, so he and his moron son Paul can go play with all the rich NASCAR people. And we wonder why the economy won’t improve? It’s owners and managers with that kind of stupid mindset that are keeping the recovery from happening.