• Cameron Hunter

    The italicized bottom of the article should read: John Hollon is Vice President of Reader Alienation due to his uncontrollable urge to mix his personal political feelings with an article that happens to feature a political figure. He couldn’t possibly separate or mask his liberal bias, which makes conservative HR pros unfollow TLNT on Twitter.

    • John Hollon

      Wow. How you came to the conclusions you did from this article are mind boggling. You couldn’t me more wrong in just about every way possible.

    • GaHR

      The article seems objective to me and even compliments Rumsfeld. I don’t find any indication of liberal leanings or political bias in this article. Perhaps Cameron Hunter read another article or simply wanted to voice an unrelated opinion just to be heard. Have another cup of coffee and read John Hollon’s article again.

  • Brandon Campbell

    I see that he wrote “I don’t consider myself a Rumsfeld fan,” which is consistent with people on both sides of the aisle. You don’t have to be someone’s fan just because they identify with similar political ideology, or conversely, hate them because they’re not.

  • Rob Orr

    I used to run a Zenger-Miller training program called “Facilitating for Results” – it was the best program I ever ran and these 8 tips formed a core part of the program, including the first one, questioning whether a meeting is needed.