• Terina Allen

    This is A MUST READ if you want to make your CEO happy by
    incorporating a value and performance model that passes the “sniff”
    test or if you are the CEO and want to have a better process for distinguishing
    high and low performers and realizing a return on the investment. It is at your
    finger tips -solid information and a tool for balancing what the employee gets
    with how he/she performs and for creating metrics that align with
    organizational success.

  • http://twitter.com/olaehinmoro Ola Ehinmoro

    Reading “Want to Make Your CEO Happy? Use the Employee Value Exchange Proposition” makes me feel that the title limits the potency of the insights.

    The approach surely should make employees highly motivated to perform in order to be rewarded and promote performance culture and equity

  • http://twitter.com/KerrianFournier Kerrian Fournier

    In order to help shift our company’s thinking about how to analysis survey results and design high impact interventions, I’ve recently started to do this work with Theresa on topical pulse surveys in advance of our full engagement survey in September.  Leaders I’ve discussed this with get it – want more of it – and the potential for robust root-cause analysis is so much deeper with this approach.  I’m excited to apply it to our full engagement survey in the Fall – I believe it will fundamentally shift how we prioritize our action plans and how we communicate with our employees on this topic