• Martha Ware Stylist

    Well said. It is so difficult to find the right employees and so easy to lose them…
    I have seen way too many times employees that are dedicated, committed and extremely competent change jobs (and companies) because they do not feel motivated and/or recognized. Many times because their managers are not real leaders, many times because these leaders feel threatened by extraordinary employees (what makes them bad leaders anyway).

  • http://twitter.com/klistwan Konrad Listwan

    Great article! If you have a great work environment and work culture, it often makes it easier to attract top talent. Here in Toronto, there are several mid to large-sized startups/companies, that have a reputation in the community for having a great company culture, an exciting work environment and a fun team. And as soon as you take a few steps into their office, you can tell! 🙂

    Konrad from http://www.kiratalent.com

  • LT

    Fantastic points that for any company doing this, surely would have winning teams and a high energy work environment that promotes positive healthy morale rather than focusing on the negative. Very refreshing.