• http://twitter.com/MartaSteele Marta Steele

    A little encouragement can take someone to great heights. Thanks for the reminder that a few simple actions can go so much further than most formalized “engagement initiatives.”

  • JoeBakerJr

    Thanks, Patti, for the sound advice. I am reminded that truly caring, encouraging, and serving others inspires them to achieve great things.

  • Martha Duesterhoft

    Great thoughts. Yes it’s about the little connections you make each day that pay off in big ways!

  • Heather Nelson

    Great ideas, Patti! I will point out what might be obvious, but these great engagement builders aren’t ones you can put in place with a ‘flavor-of-the-month’ program. Good, solid behavior builds engagment, not programs.

  • Kirsten Jordan

    Good leaders take the time to reflect on the capabilities of their teams. Great leaders then take the time to reflect that back to their team in praise and encouragement. You get a lot more back than a thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/mother_zen Barbara Milhizer

    Great, free tips to engrain appreciation in your culture.

  • bkchicago

    The little things are huge especially for the lower end of the totem pole. Things like the yearly holiday party and the monthly doughnut day are a big deal to your lower paid worker, it shows that the company cares about them. It may not be a big deal for a 200K+ employee to have a three hour open bar and some free food, but I can assure you that it is a big deal for the 30-40K employee. This might be the only party they will go to this year and makes them feel valuable, the one hundred or so dollars spent for this party is well spen and much less expensive than replacing them.

  • Sharon

    Valuing staff is really important especially when they put a lot of effort into a project and increase profits. I actually left a job when presented with a box of chocolates for my hard work and effort.

  • http://www.thehumansphere.com joanncorley

    And….drum roll please….the little things are free!