• http://twitter.com/jprpich John Prpich

    Here’s the issue that I have with all of this, aside from the fact that it reeks of being Orwellian.
    Your comment,” I can tell you that I never disqualified anyone based on information found online,”, that’s nice but that’s you and certainly not everyone else.  I can tell you that many people have been disqualified for information that they found online, let’s remember, not everyone is a good decision maker.

    Your comment, “For example, if a recruiter client wants a really tight list for an accelerated search, the basis on who makes the cut and who doesn’t can’t be 100 percent objective.” No kidding, it’s based on emotional bias.  When did you see a recruiter client sit down and identify the key criteria for a position and then go a step further a segregate that criteria, it never happens, and it should.

    Risks may be different but principle the same
    I think that you are spot on in this area of your article.  The real issue has to do with our inability to make optimal decisions.  Dan Pink said it best, “Management doesn’t practice what science knows.”  It really doesn’t matter whether you have a great recruiting and interviewing process if you can’t make an optimal decision;.