• http://twitter.com/engageatwork David Bowles, Ph.D.

    Derek as a Brit in this field for decades, and one who lives in California most of the time, I think I can give some perspective on this:  it would never work in the US!!  Having said that, it is a great idea in the UK, where government is not seen as badly as it is here. I think the MacLeod report in 2009 turbo-charged the whole field in the UK and has had effects overseas too.  The UK was behind in the number of organizations which use these ideas at work, do surveys, etc. and needs to move ahead forcefully if it is to be globally competitive.  David MacLeod himself is a great leader and is generous with his time and support of others (he recently endorsed Cary Cooper’s and my new book and has shared over the phone many things which he is doing over there).

    In general terms its great to have a resource which isn’t trying to sell you anything, just there to give you information.  That is pretty rare in this field, and the fact that MacLeod has gathered the thought leaders to contribute to this effort is testament to the thoroughness of his approach.  I hope everyone who can will take advanage of this;  I am 100% in support, and grateful that UK taxpayers, stretched as they
    are, have paid for it.  Its an investment which will pay off many
    times over. 

    David Bowles, Ph.D.
    Co-author, The High Engagement Work Culture: Balancing ME and WE (Macmillan, 2012)