• RatedPG

    What a great lesson about attitude! Definitely relates to work and life. Stay positive, friends!!

  • Hopemarie

    It can be tough, in the current economic atmosphere, to even hope, let alone have faith in ourselves.  This is a powerful reminder that, ultimately, it’s up to us to make a difference in our lives.  Believing is a great place to start!  Thank you!

  • Jmtemple1979

    God could care less about football. It is one thing to have faith and hope but another to be completely delusional that you got your fame and fortune and good playing skills from a supernatural power. Their are many talented people out there that deserve to have their voice heard and it is due to practice, patience and the will to have faith in themselves to keep going.

  • Anonymous

    Most people are externally motivated…. they expect somebody to “show them the way”.  This is how we, as a nation, elected the only candidate that has promised “HOPE” and “CHANGE”.  However, the most successful people in business, sports, and life are those guided by a “higher power”, internally motivated to do find their vocation, reach their goals and ultimately do good.