• John A Bushfield

    Jerry – You’ve outlined a series of steps to transform an organization into a ‘meaningful workplace’.  But it doesn’t happen because somebody wakes up in the morning and decides they want to initiate such a thing.  It happens because the leadership team, from the CEO (and ideally, the Board) all the way down, commit to a series of principles, or values, that the organization will honor and model in all aspects of the business.  It then takes a systemic, dedicated effort to execute against those values.  The picture you’ve painted is very rosy indeed, with ideal outcomes, but the devil, as they say, is in the details.  One thing doesn’t always follow the other, and the ‘conversion process’ takes time, money and dedication.  I’m sure you’re not suggesting this, but to blithely attempt this endeavor without fully understanding what it takes can kill it before it begins, and will likely have the reverse effect than that desired. 

    • Jerry Holtaway

      Good point, John. It is vitally important not to see this as a “project” within a company, but rather as a fundamental and over-arching shift, from top-to-bottom and side-to-side, of the company’s reason for being and way of being. It can neither be a C-Suite jolly or an HR folly. It won’t just happen; leaders need to make it happen, help it happen, be part of making it happen and keep it happening.

      I hope as this series unfolds, this becomes more obvious…

  • Drjaganmohanreddy

    excellent.need of the hour every manager should put their efforts i this regard