• john jairo correa

    I USE the most articles of TLNT for the business English classes. which I discuse with my students at a trade technical institute,
    in them, they find lots of necessary terms to develope the professions in their new companies. Thank you so much.!!

  • http://www.cogendo.com/ Rob Wheatley

    I’d have to agree with the performance management points. Gathering performance data from a wider set of people is vital.

    – Manager or managers if you matrix manage
    – Peers
    – Direct reports
    – People you have done work for, e.g. on projects
    – People you interact with, including ones outside the company, e.g. customers

    We’ve either taken or taking these into account in future developments with PerformanceHub from Cogendo.

    There are a few more things we can do with the data, but we’re keeping those things under our hats until the features release!