• Anne-Marie Orrock

    I would have to say you are hardly going to be respected as an HR person if this is the way you want to be liked (i.e, as a moron, even if you name is ‘Kay’) as out lined in this ‘slightly different’ article.

  • Tye Deines

    I 100% agree with the message if not all the suggested habits. (I’m not changing my name to Kay.) Consider the alternatives. Can an unlikeable HR professional thrive in an organization? Not a chance. If employees, managers, or executives regret seeking help or counsel from an HR professional, it will be difficult if not impossible for him or her to gain any credibility.

  • Observer

    LOL… I smell sarcasm. This “Kay” is a pet. And there are a few like this in any offices. No surprise.

  • http://www.icedteaandsarcasm.com Todd X.

    Why is the HR professional ordering cookies?