• Roger Plachy

    Finally, an article that starts from a solid premise of leadership: No followers, no leader. As was pointed out, “being a leader is as simple as being in charge,” a belief held in most organizations, is not true.

    However, the leadership premise is violated shortly with: “A good leader is someone who is able to form and maintain a team.” No, that’s a manager. “A leader is someone others are willing to follow,” is the valid premise. No willingness, no anointed leader.

    Furthermore, enhancing personal qualities, while certainly helpful, will not necessarily convince people to follow. People follow only when they are convinced that the person they are willing to call their leader is the person who will help them achieve their
    vision and goals.

  • Lee

    @Ryan Daly

    This is a very interesting article. I read of the essential leadership characteristics in the Hogan and 3 Minute Mile ‘Thought Leadership Yearbook 2014’ but it didn’t include ‘persistence’ or ‘humility’.

    These characteristics seem right in what we look for in a leader – they are face valid. However, before I would wish to use it as a basis for assessing potential, I would want to know that they are more grounded in research. Can you point me in the right direction?