• Mandy Worrall

    Getting people to admit they tick one of these boxes needs active engagement. Sometimes the wrong person gets the job by giving all the correct answers. Hard to root them out. The balance has to be whether the persons potential input is worth he investment of focus and time. Time is more valuable than gold. Can you accept half heartedness with enough of a return to avoid time investment? Some can.

    Ticking along is all some want because the structure of their business demands attention elsewhere. I have spoken to many, many business owners who don’t actually want mega performance because they could not cope with the results success brings. It would mean reorganising, recruiting, sometimes reinventing. Sometimes ticking along is enough, and having enough people on board willing to be consistent are the keys to their personal kingdom. They have seen sudden success and sometimes how it is mishandled. It scares them. I have seen it mishandled too because of taking on added expenditure and credit to keep the expansion in track. To tick along, head down, clock off is more than enough for some who want to still be around in twenty years. The judgement affects how they hire, too.