• http://twitter.com/MartaSteele Marta Steele

    How refreshing to see research that proves giving leads to getting. I second your “amen”!

    • Addo_asamoah

      That’s refreshing to know. However when one has the desire to give and do not it hurts

  • Patti Johnson

    Thanks, Martha. It’s so true. Relationships are so important because there aren’t many ways to be successful on your own without working and collaborating with others. Great reminders!

  • sheribrowning

    Great insights Martha – and I love the idea that his central challenge is to become a “giver” and tilt away from the other two options!

  • bmilhizer

    Law of karma! Love the academic stamp on age-old wisdom. Great post!

  • http://twitter.com/keiththorn Keith Thorn

    Great read. We are most successful when we make the ‘most’ others successful …

    • Martha Duesterhoft

      Glad you enjoyed the book too Keith!

  • shelliwalker

    Great read Martha, very timely I had just seen a story on Dr. Grant this week-end. Good to know good guys/gals can finish first.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sofia.delicado Sofia Delicado

    I agree with the notion of helping others and have a sense of service at work, but some countries are not yet prepared for this “revolutionary” set of mind. “Takers”
    have more advantages in countries like Portugal where team work and sharing
    emotions isn’t yet well interpreted (at least in most companies). Anyway I
    believe it’s the right way of doing things. Helping others to grow and develop
    their skills and being alert to customer service in every action we take turns
    our work more productive and, ultimately more fulfilling.

    • Martha Duesterhoft

      Thanks for your comment Sofia. Interesting perspective on some countries not being prepared for this “giver” approach. I had not thought about that. Hopefully, there will be a shift in the thinking and it will gain some traction.

  • John Chancellor

    Just finished reading his insightful and engaging book. Very easy reading, filled with lots of psychological studies and real life examples to back up his points. Great read, highly recommended.

    • Martha Duesterhoft

      Thanks John – it is fantastic!

  • Lisa Martinez

    This is a wonderful message to share with the World, imagine what a different place this would be if we removed the Takers from the equation and replaced them with the Givers….what a harmonious environment we would live in:-)

    LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for sharing…..

    • Martha Duesterhoft

      Thanks Lisa! I know it’s exciting to think about this can change the work environment and beyond!

  • Dennis

    This is really the Law of Reciprocity at work here. Whatever you give will come back to you in kind, maybe in multiples. Giving of yourself without expectation of reward is always the best gift you can give yourself. Besides, you may never know who you are helping; one day they may be someone who can greatly help you.

    • Martha Duesterhoft

      I completely agree Dennis. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Eric Hall

    Another great read and a nice reminder that we oftentimes forget. Get naked with your customers and and collaborate as a team to achieve greatness. As others have pointed out, it takes teamwork to become successful – you can’t do it on your own too often. Thanks for sharing!

    • Martha Duesterhoft

      Thanks Eric for your comment. The book does offer a refreshing perspective!

  • Robert O. Nneli

    great indeed. A book worth reading and applying. Giving has always been and will remain a veritable tool for success in any field of life’s endeavor. Try it today and your life will neer be the same again. Cheers!

    • Martha Duesterhoft

      Thanks for your comment Robert. The “giving” approach can change work environments and have a ripple effect in the world.

  • stan

    this is terrible advice. start with something better – know thyself. if you tell a person who is inherently a ‘taker’ that the secret to success is giving… well, you might have some unintended consequences. this one size fits all kind of advice really irks me.

    • Martha Duesterhoft

      Everyone is entitiled to their opinion Stan. You simply don’t have to follow the advice is you don’t like it.

  • M Otis

    Theoretically this sounds great but I cannot help but wonder if Dr Grant has ever worked in corporate America —- the reality is, takers take advantage of givers in the work world and those on top are typically takers.

    • Martha Duesterhoft

      I agree, there is a strong history of “takers” taking the top jobs in corporate America, but perhaps there’s a change coming! I certainly hope so. Personally, I have seen some of the “good guys” finish first and his promotion of the research will inspire others to take that “giver” approach as well.

  • Sedona Cole

    I love the service oriented attitude written about here. I think a lot of times people tend to think about what they ‘should’ be doing. I found a source that connected the dots for me (a book called the Audacity of Success, found at the site of the same name). I didn’t know the REAL meaning of success personally, until I came across the info. Some of that is referred to above also, yet unless coming from an authentic place of ‘being’ rather than ‘doing for x reason’ I won’t be jumping out of bed in the a.m. looking forward to my day and creating the results I want. Got it now 🙂 Great words of wisdom above that echo the same sentiment. Thanks for the share!