• http://twitter.com/TomGimbel Tom Gimbel

    Recognition is key to employee engagement, however, for it to be most effective, you need to know the type of recognition your employees prefer. For some it’s face time, for
    others it’s outward recognition. Take the time to get to know your employees and discuss what motivates them, it will help engage them down the road.

    I share a few more ideas in my blog post. Here’s a link in case you want to check it out: http://pastfive.typepad.com/pastfive/2012/03/four-ways-to-retain-employees.html

  • http://twitter.com/afraymond Alex Raymond

    Great post (as usual) Derek!

    Employee Engagement is not an end in itself – rather, it’s a means to achieving better business results and improving the bottom line.  In my research, I found that many executives (HR or from the business) focus too narrowly on a few employee engagement scores without addressing important questions like:

    – why is employee engagement important?
    – what does employee engagement mean for the company?
    – what does it mean to employees on a daily basis?