I wish you had provided more detail on the delivery of positive as well as negative feedback. In my experience, delivery can be the difference between hearing and absorbing what is said by the employee. Respect, dignity and brevity seem to work well…but all need to have authenticity and validity.

  • http://www.sweetrush.com/ Catherine Davis

    6:1 is a great goal to keep in mind as a manager! As mentioned, a
    respectful delivery is huge. Additionally, negative feedback needs to be
    coupled with a solution. The manager should also act as a mentor/coach to keep the
    individual on track toward this solution.

    -Catherine Davis, ID Practice Lead for SweetRush

  • Lea Bottorff

    Great article and very important to keep motivated employees. You have to have a clear understanding of your employees for great delivery of any feedback. We are in the people business no matter what your trying to accomplish!

  • Satheesan KG

    Anything in excess will not have the desired result. The ratio of Positive feedback should be more compared to negative. It is still possible to build a positive feedback by highlighting a negative outcome of any of the actions of a person