• John Michel

    This is such a good lesson for employees everywhere. Anything and everything said in the medium of social medium is fair game for employers to use however they want – and this fact is becoming truer and truer with time: http://www.peopleanswers.com.

    • http://twitter.com/jerrymiller jerrymiller

      There would seem to be a big difference between carrying on a conversation about working conditions around the “water cooler”, a more private conversation, than having the same discussion through Facebook where it can be witnessed by large numbers of both interested and disinterested parties.  A company should have some recourse to protect its reputation in the public view.

      • Lance Haun

        But if employees gathered in a bar after work and had the conversation in full view of a few hundred bar patrons, it would still be protected. I don’t see how this is any different. The recourse for employers in this case seems to be simple: they can use those same social media channels to defend their practices and rally employees or they can prevent it in the first place by creating environment where employees feel comfortable addressing their issues at work.