• Keith

    That number seems still a little high… 89% of recruiters? Yes, recruiters are increasinly using it but there are still too many who either push back or aren’t there yet. Was the poll administered via Twitter and Facebook?

  • http://www.imsosarah.com Sarah White @ImSoSarah

    Keith, it all depends who/how they conducted the survey.  My guess is that they used their (jobbvite) clients as a base list, most of whom are early adopters or ahead of the curve – so in that case, the results seem about right.  The second factor is the question – is Linkedin really a social network?  I wouldn’t put it in the same category as Twitter.  IMO,  If we look at overall marketplace then, I agree, its likely much lower than that statistic. 

  • Karla Porter

    This article is as important to job seekers as it is to recruiters and employers. Recruiters who ‘post and pray’ and job seekers who create profiles and walk away are not optimizing the amazing resources they have at their disposal. Networking is much more than hanging out in one LinkedIn group. I think LinkedIn is very much a social network – albeit a targeted one, in addition to being a database.

  • Lsf

    look at who funded the survey…