• Gail Fletcher

    May your wise counsel fall on receptive ears! Why is this common sense approach still so elusive to otherwise intelligent folks? Loss of interpersonal skills secondary to screen time? It does keep many of uscoaches in business, though.

  • Rosemarri Klamn

    Building the relationship and authenticity is always important, especially with social media. Mike McCready, my social media mentor has coached me to listen, reflect and share helpful information as I slowly build a presence online, and to be authentic. LinkedIn has been the most useful tool in networking online for me as it provides a mechanism to see other professional’s background and to instantly find areas of common ground. Wearing my Career Development/Human Resources hat I always enjoy connecting people to job opportunities – it is fun making the connections.

    I like your suggestions about writing linkedin profiles on business cards and notes on connecting at networking events. Thanks ! Rosemarri Klamn, MA, CHRP

  • Scott Weeklund

    Here Here sir!!!