• Patti johnson

    Great post, Barbara. Agree – use their strengths to the organization’s benefit!

  • Michele Polo

    It sounds like millennials are some kind of mythological creature, but overall I really like the article, it has some undeniable points. Besides Facebook fallacy, that is indeed something peculiar to millennials, I guess that everything else could be applied, with success, to any employee.
    I think that desire for a blazing fast career is something related to being young (and “hungry”) not to being part of abstract category.
    (Yes, I am indeed a millennial, but from the depressed part of Europe 🙂 )

  • John Ludike

    There are so many young graduate Millennial out there so key message is perform, prove yourself or move on . Take time to assess and select correct ones but if no impression left within 90 days best to not confirm permanent appointment

  • Ara ohanian

    In the next couple of years Millennials will form the majority of our US workforce. They are great people to have on board, that said, I think it’s difficult to generalize across half your workforce. My view is that we should try to ensure everyone has skin in the game, is recognized and gets feedback. I don’t think Millennials are unique in this approach to work and by recognizing their traits as common to us all we can benefit the whole organization.

  • Alex Corrado

    Good to know there are some decent people out there who don’t think Millenials are the scourge of the Earth. There’s also no question that the reality of entering the workforce and managing your relatively young career has radically changed in the last decade or so, and that everyone’s trying to get on with the times